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    Grid Entity configuration. DBHint Grid READ config

      In TopLink Grid/Entity configuration, if I write a JQL to select objects from a entity (select * from Executions where ….) and I use DB hint to force TopLink to load data from database, after JPA/Toplink reads the object/data from database, will it put the objects into the coherence cache?
      How to design a coherence cache reload for TopLink Grid configuration?
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          Shaun Smith-Oracle
          Yes, objects read from the database will be placed into the cache. This is true when using Coherence with TopLink Grid or the built in TopLink shared cache.

          You can warm the cache by simply issuing a query with a hint forcing the query to disk. In the case of a cache warming process you can also query with a read-only hint to improve performance. Also, you can avoid later database queries by performing join queries to load related objects.