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    Beehive Online hangs in IE8 opening library folder

      Hello, I have been using Beehive Online successfully for both internal and external sites, using IE8 for over a year.

      In the last few days, I have hit an issue where it hangs -- using up 50% or more of CPU with no resolution -- when I try to access a library folder. I can view the Overview page with no issue. I have the issue on both internal (stbeehive.oracle.com) and external (beehiveonline.oracle.com) workspaces. I do not get the issue in Firefox, but I heavily use the document inline edit capability which is only available via IE.

      Any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing this?
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          I use IE9 and have not seen any issues like you report - we have a large community on Beehive internally and externally and it is not a problem that has been generally reported.

          I suspect there is a setting in the IE8 you are running that is causing a problem - Can you try running it in compatibility mode as IE7 - or upgrading to IE9 - I am using 9.0.8112.16421 successfully on both internal and external facing Beehive systems.