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    help required


      I need help with your ideas for this problem..

      i have records as below

      cola1 cola2 cola3....data1
      colb1 colb2 colb3....data2
      colc1 colc2 colc3.....data3

      now , i have requirement where if cola1=colb1=colc1 and cola2=colb2=colc3 and ... then i should load only one record

      col1 col2 col3......data1+data2+data3..

      please suggest

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          is cola1 cola2 cola3 sample data or actual columns and also is every 3 consecutive rows needs to be compared.

          I was thinking if cola1=colb1=colc1 are actually values then why don't you just do a distinct , since if they are same the result will be single row else multiple rows.
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            very happy to see you back. Ok, the data is sample.

            and as for distinct..

            the data column is different. The whole idea is to sum up the data column for all the records ..which carry same data..

            You may now wonder..why i can't create a surrogate key or primary key ..this is a staging table or landing table.. finally i am loading this table in the hyperion planning. So, i am doing all the transformations in this table before the load in hyperion.

            Feel free to suggest any alternate solutions ..

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              Thanks Venkat,

              I believe you know my email id . Send me an email or ping me we can take it from there .