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    Read Ms Projetct File witn Webutil

      I want read Ms Projetct file with webutil. It's possible ?
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Welcome to the forum ;)

          I strongly recommend you review the following before posting anything else:


          As for your question, what do you mean "read" MS Project files? Do you mean import the data or open MS Project? If you want to read the data and use it in an Oracle Form and assuming MS Project uses a similar object model as does the other Office products like Word and Excel, you might be able to use WebUtil along with jacob, which is needed for WebUtil anyway. I would recommend reviewing some of the existing examples of calling MS Word and Excel from Oracle Forms. This will give you an example of what you might need to do. You will likely need to find the MS documentation which illustrates the Project object model. This can often be found within the tool itself. This might be helpful:


          Alternatively, you may need some sort of a wrapper which would give you access directly into Project. You would need to write it in java or C. Once you had this, you could then use WebUtil to call into your wrapper which would then call out to Project.
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            I have already try do like example of read Excel file or MsWord file but it think MsProject have differents structure. I want open MsProject File (I can do it now with Webutil) and then read each line. What i want, it an example of how to do it.

            Thanks for your answer.

            I work with Forms10g, Oracle 10gR2 and MsProject 2007.

            Thanks for you answer.