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    SOA Suite - OSR

      Hi All,

      I'm using Oracle SOA suite 11g patch set 5. I have successfully installed OSR and pointed the SOA infra structure to OSR.

      My requirement is to publish a webservice WSDL ( hosted on a different server ) in OSR and invoke it from BPEL.

      I'm using " Dynamically resolve concrete endpoint location at runtime " option for referencing the webservice. From SOA composite application, i could able to invoke the webservice but somehow the response from the webservice is not propogated back to the SOA composite application.

      When i refresh the enterprise manager console, the instance id says its completed without any errors but somehow the response is not sent back to BPEL. I have tested the webservice as standalone and its working fine.

      Please help me if anyone has successfully tested SOA composite applications referencing webservices in OSR.

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          To summarize, you are invoking a service from BPEL to OSR and not getting the response back to BPEL.

          - OSR is used to resolve WSDL endpoint using a uddi key. Once endpoint is available/cached within SOA, OSR is no longer in picture.
          - Try a simple BPEL project without OSR(i.e no uddi key), you should still see same issue, I guess. In which case, your BPEL is not correctly designed or your WS might not be returning any response.
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            Hi Vamsee,

            The issue was with the webservice itself and now its working !!! Thanks !!!

            But i have an issue now publishing XSDs/XMLs to OSR itself. OSR is installed on a Linux machine and need to publish some XSDs ( local ) to OSR. I'm using the following format for the XSD location ( URI )


            But when i try to publish the XSD, it gives me " I/O error encountered parsing XSD: URL with file protocol is not allowed: file:///opt/OracleFMW/Middleware/xsd/sample.xsd. " . Looking at the release notes, it seems that Oracle have corrected the usage of a file URL for publishing XSDs in OSR.

            Can you please help me on this !!!

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              Hi Sri:

              It is bug from Oracle. It is not resolved for Oracle Registry and later versions. It is a documentation bug from oracle.

              Refer this ID 1291093.1 in Metalink


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