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    Connect Network Registry

      According to the GI Installation Guide for Windows x64 documentation - 2.13.2 Verifying User Privileges to Update Remote Nodes

      The installation user must also be able to update the Windows registry on each node in the cluster. To verify the installation user is configured to do this, perform the following steps:
      Run regedit from the Run menu or the command prompt.
      From the File menu select Connect Network Registry.
      In the 'Enter the object name…' edit box enter the name of a remote node in the cluster, then click OK.
      Wait for the node to appear in the registry tree.

      If the remote node does not appear in the registry tree or you are prompted to fill in a username and password, then you must resolve the permissions issue at the operating system level before proceeding with the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation.

      For the installation to be successful, you must use the same user name and password on each node in a cluster or use a domain user. If you use a domain user, then you must have explicitly granted membership in the local Administrators group to the domain user on all of the nodes in your cluster.


      My installation will be performed as local administrator, which has the same password on each node. In the above procedure, I am prompted to fill in a username/password, and receive a Logon failure message (unknown user name or bad password).

      3 questions:
      1) is it a problem that I am prompted to fill in a username/password, as implied by the documentation?
      2) since I am using local administrator account, why is it asking for a domain account username/password?
      3) is the unknown username error being thrown because the local administrator is NOT a domain account user?