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    Oracle is devastating my life,setting me for  year 2020

      I’m a truck driver working with workflow program and I’m desperately looking for help, Oracle is killing me
      The Workflow is setting my next available time, so the planners can give me another load
      There is an option of EDT, estimated time of delivery, which I set, but finally the most important aspect and huge problem
      "The Workflow is always setting me for January 01 of year 2020, 2020, and 2020"
      If I do change time, the workflow coming back with year 2020 as my next time available
      The job planners don’t see me as available and they are not sending me any job because for them I do not exist
      I was asking my manager to create a new driver number and this should fix the problem but he is ignoring me
      I was calling support ITT but they just reloaded the workflow to my QUALCOMM, but now I’m seating in the truck without any job and this is tragic, I’m not paid

      Please provide any suggestions how to fix the problem
      Kind Regards Jacek