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    Update remote table using db link

      Hi All,

      I am trying to update one table on remote database using database link. I can describe the table, but can not perform update. not sure , what I need to do in order to get this going ?

      DB Version
      Source :-
      Target :-

      SQL> desc ods.ods_order_hdr@qa04.US.ESTEE.COM
       Name                                      Null?    Type
       ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
       ORDERID                                   NOT NULL NUMBER(7)
       ORDER_COMPANY                             NOT NULL CHAR(2)
       ACCOUNT_NUMBER                            NOT NULL NUMBER(6)
       AE_NUMBER                                 NOT NULL NUMBER(3)
       ORDER_STATUS_CODE                         NOT NULL CHAR(1)
       HOLD_STATUS                                        CHAR(1)
       ORDER_TRANS_NUM                                    NUMBER(5)
       FIELD_TRANS_NUMBER                                 NUMBER(6)
       FORM_NUMBER                                        NUMBER(4)
       MFPC_TRANS_NUMBER                                  NUMBER(7)
       RPL_FLAG                                  NOT NULL CHAR(1)
       ORDER_TYPE                                NOT NULL CHAR(1)
       PO                                                 VARCHAR2(12)
       ORDER_DATE                                NOT NULL DATE
       DOWNLOAD_DATE                                      DATE
       RCVD_MODE                                          CHAR(1)
       RCVD_DATE                                          DATE
       PO_DATE                                            DATE
       CANCEL_DATE                                        DATE
       SHIP_DATE                                          DATE
       PURGE_DATE                                         DATE
      ------ Update part ----------------
      SQL> update ods_order_hdr@qa04.US.ESTEE.COM
      set ORDERID=111111;  2
      update ods_order_hdr@qa04.US.ESTEE.COM
      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
      ORA-02063: preceding line from QA04