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    scheduling from mcghan


      I have the plugin work, but it returned plaintext when I wanted to show in a report.
      mcghan is owner of this plugin, and I also saw this demo test but I dont really understand on how to get these values in a report. http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=36714:1:0:::::

      The documentation told me this:

      Storing event schedules will always require some kind of database changes. The SkillBuilders item plug-in captures 4 different pieces of information:
      1. Start date w/time
      2. End date w/time
      3. Duration in seconds
      4. Calendar string in DBMS_SCHEDULER format
      The SkillBuilders Schedule item plug-in maps these 4 pieces of information back to a single APEX item as a pipe delimited string. A single VARCHAR2(500) column should do (and allow for enough space to handle any future enhancements to the product).

      This event item is 1 out of 20 items in my screen, I made the "WHEN" ( which is a varchar2 field in my database/table ) to 500 characters long.
      I would like to have the same result as in the demonstration version of mcghan.

      any help is welcome!