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    Threading EJB clustering

      Hi All,

      I need to implement some sort of multi threading or executors in EJB; after a while of google, i found that using MDB is a good solution for multithreading. However, i need to control when to execute next "task".
      (some tasks are okay to run parallel, but some tasks should be executed after another)

      I am imagining; each MDB will be an independent batch of tasks and it can run in parallel with other MDB.
      All tasks owned by a MDB are dependent. One task should be completed before the other task begins.

      So in each MDB, i have to control when the task is done in order to execute next task.

      Do you think i can do it like that? Or if you have another approach which is much better? I need to consider clustering in future too because i heard that clustering won't work if there is multi threading.

      thanks for sharing your ideas,