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    Defining the DATA_DIRECTORY from server-side

    Marius H
      In our journey towards SQLite on the WM6.1 devices, I have just (nearly) completed a first sync with the SQLite client on the MS 11g. The PDA stopped at the processing stage, hung for a while, before stating that I was out of storage space (88 MB sync).

      I have searched the documentation and found the DATA_DIRECTORY setting, that makes it possible to define where the SQLite database file will reside. I have two challenges, though:

      1. I can't find a setting for this at the server side. Do we have to manually change it on each client?

      2. If there is a server side option: we are using two different WM6.1 devices. They do not use the same names for internal (NAND flash) storage. One uses 'NAND Flash' and the other uses 'Storage card'. So what I would need is either some form of 'graceful degradation' or the possibility to define the DATA_DIRECTORY server side at a device level.

      Anybody with similar issues out there?


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          Marius H
          Apparently, setting DATA_DIRECTORY has no effect on WM6.1 devices?. It still installs the data in \OraCE\sqlite_db\<user>.
          I tried:
          DATA_DIRECTORY=\NAND Flash

          and two more paths (paths withhout spaces)

          So I tried to install the client on the NAND Flash after uninstalling with 'uninstall.exe' (which by the way left a lot of files in the OraCE folder, that I deleted manually.)

          When I try to sync now, I get this message after the Sending (Upload phase) ends:


          ORA-20006: Unrecognized device type: <SQLite> ORA-06512: at "MOBILCONS_EXT", line 262
          ORA 06512 at line 1

          When I look in the synk history, the user suddenly has device type SQLite. Before the reinstall, I got no error message (except for 'out of storage'). and the device type column said SQLite WCE

          I feel stuck and have no more ideas of what to do.

          PS: I also tried an hard reset of the device, starting all over again. No success.