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    Unable to use Subversion 1.7 from JDeveloper 11.1.2?

    Sten Vesterli
      When I try to check out a workspace from my Subversion repository, I get the message
      svn: The path '...' appears to be part of Subversion 1.7 ... Please upgrade your Subversion (SVNKit) client to use this working copy.

      I'm running JDev Under Tools, Preferences, Versioning, Subversion, I can see that "Native Client (jni, version 1.6.15) is selected.

      There is no update available under Help, Check for Updates.

      Can it really be true that the latest JDev doesn't support the latest SVN here more than 6 months after its release? If you are seeing this issue, how are you circumventing it?

      Best regards

      Sten Vesterli