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    Internet Explorer and apex 4.1

      I have application in Apex 4.1. Application in Firefox and Chrome has normal behaviour. But it seems that IE9 has sometimes problem with it.
      Sometimes I need to click twice on some button, tab or link. After first click IE start doing some action (symbol on tab page is rotating = IE is doing something), but in real nothing happens. I am still on first page and no navigation or action is executed. I need to click on that link for the second time and than IE makes navigation on another page, or submits form etc...

      This behaviour seems to be random, because I am not table to simulate it. When I click on link that caused this problem later, everything works fine on first click. After some time I need to click twice on the same link...

      Action under some tab page is
      But I have same problem with another standard links (standard navigation betwen pages, submiting form...) or submit buttons. IE seems that it is doing something after first click, but it is staying still on first page. I need to click button, link, tab for the second and IE makes action that I want.

      Thank for some tips...

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          is it throwing any javascript error?
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            I can not see any errors in IE9 console, only sometimes warning "HTML1113: Document mode restart from Quirks to IE9 Standards"
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              Try executing javascript:apex.submit('TAB1') in the javascript console of page and see what happens.

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                I am able to switch between tabs using this javascript in console

                I can run same javascript in console many times but after some time IE start doing something (no errors in console, no info on network panel) and I need to run same javascript for the second time to switch tab in application.... :-(

                Tested also in firebug console in Firefox and I was not able to simulate it in FF...
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                  It seems that problem is not inside application, but somewhere in my environment.

                  I have Apache 2.2 as reverse proxy before my EPG inside Oracle XE 11g.

                  When I put this url into IE9 http://servis.localhost or http://servis.localhost/ IE start doing something, but I am not redirected to my login page. I can see only blank page and rotating symbol above my page (IE is doing something). I am able to see my login page only after filling whole address http://servis.localhost/apex/f?p=103:1

                  servis.localhost is alias for

                  I have this rule in Apache httpd.conf
                  RewriteRule ^/$ /apex/f?p=103:1 [R=301]
                  Redirect from http://servis.localhost to http://servis.localhost/apex/f?p=103:1 works in FF or Chrome.

                  But the most critical thing is that when IE is in that strange state "doing something", "waiting for something" nobody else is not able to login to my aplication (from same PC or another PC) they are also waiting although they are using different browsers. I need to close IE and then another clients are able to connect.

                  It seems like I can have only 1 active request to Apache or EPG or something like this.

                  Thanks for some ideas
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                    I've found solution.
                    It was not IE problem, but the reason of this strange behaviour was wrong Apache configuration.

                    I needed to add this directives to httpd.conf
                    AcceptFilter http none 
                    EnableSendfile Off 
                    EnableMMAP off 
                    So it was some problem with OS and filesystem, where Apache is installed.

                    I have Apache 2.4 installed as reverse proxy on win2008 x68 WEB server edition and it is connected to EPG server in Oracle 11.2 XE with Apex 4.1.