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    Apex 4.1.1 tabular form: INSERT not working

      After upgrade to 4.1.1, I'm not able to insert new row in a tabular form!
      I've tried changing themes, using rowid instead of primary key ...
      INSERT works only if I put a condition on the "where" clause so that I see no other rows when I try to insert.
      In this case I see the message "row inserted" else there's no message, and no new rows in the table!

      I've done a very simple table with only one sequence and two varchar2 field, build the page with wizard, but it doesn't work!
      I've to try to go back to 4.1 or i've other chance?
      Thanks & Regards
      Stefano Corradi

      (I've seen that there are other people with the same issue, but I've not seen solution)