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      I am just starting to learn the SIM application.
      Couldn't find the information i was looking for in their implementation guides.
      Can anybody tell me...
      the flow of data, to and from SIM...between RMS, POS, CO, BO...'

      what is the flow direction between SIM and RMS/POS/CO/BO...
      and also the source of data and the destination.

      If there is any link which you can give me for this info.., it will be great !!!
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          SIM has it's own database and integrates with POS and RMS

          SIM communicates with POS consuming WEBServices
          SIM Communicates with RMS/RPM using (RIB) Retail Integration Bus, which is a Java bases application RIB has it's own database and configured to manage data flow between these application using message queues.

          When Items are sold at POS, inventory is updated in SIM

          When PO, Transfers are created at RMS it is flown to SIM

          This is just basis of the data flow and is not a complete picture hope this helps

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            Himanshu Lohani

            SIM application has below Integration points

            RMS ->SIM (RIB) -- Master Data ( Store , Items ,Merch Hirerchy etc) , PO Data

            SIM -> RMS (RIB & RSL)--- Receiving ,Order, Transfer , Inventory status ,Inventory adjustment, Store Order(RSL)

            POS -> SIM (Web service) --- Item Sale , Return, Customer Order , UIN

            SIM -> POS (Web Service ) -- UIN Validation , Item Busket , Inventory status

            SIM <-> RPM (RSL) -- Promotions Details

            Let me know if further Info required.


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              sorry for the late reply..

              thanks for the very useful info..

              will definitely.. get back.. in case i have more questions