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    Import Format script required to update multiple fields

      Further to my previous post yesterday (Import Format script required to work across multiple fields I now need my import script to update multiple (two) fields at the same time, based on criteria set across multiple fields. So far, I can use DW.Utilities.fParseString to assess the values across multiple fields, but I now need to update not only the field in question, but also an additional field at the same time. For example:

      Function TBService(strField, strRecord)

      ' How do I update a second field at the same time?
      Dim strField2 As String

      If Left(strField, 1) = "S" Then
      If DW.Utilities.fParseString (strRecord, 3, 8, ",") = "B1110" Then
      strField2 = "N101"
      strField2 = "Network N/A"
      End If
      TBService = strField
      TBService = "Service N/A"
      End If

      End Function

      Is this even possible? Should I be looking at creating an event script which would work post-import? Or can this be done right here in the import script?