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    Regarding BIP user and Role

      Hi all,
      I have the follwoing scenario. Need help on this.

      I have Siebel and Bip( integrated and siebel reports are generated from siebel application. Security on is Siebel Security. I have some custom report which i am rendering from BIP UI not Siebel application. Currently i am loging BIP UI as local super user sadmin able to generate the report in BIP UI.

      Now, i want to create a new user and assign the user role(Bip parlance) like XMLP_SCHEDULAR only, so that new user can able to access the reports in BIP UI.

      After loging in as sadmin user in BIP UI i dont find any create user or create role option in Admin section of BIP.

      1. So, how the user shoud be created? Is it should be created in Siebel Application and assign siebel responsibility first? Then it can log in BIP UI and mapped with respective role?
      2. Should the user should be autheticated first in Siebel, as security on is Siebel Security?

      Kindly help on this regard.