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    Android App with SQLite to Oracle Mobile Server example


      I have written the code of a Meeting Room reservation app for the office. I would like employees can make a reserve from their android devices. Now i have to program all the funtcionality to integrate my local funcionality to a Oracle Database in order to synchronize two database tables.

      I have been reading about the Oracle Mobile Server concept, so I have installed Oracle Database, Oracle Glassfish (App server), the Oracle Mobile Server and the Mobile Development Kit.

      I would like to see the code of a simple android app to view how the syncrhonization of the SQlite data with the server is implemented, but I cant find any project with this integration between the local SQLite database and the Oracle Mobile server nowhere.

      Could anyone help me?

      Thanks a lot.
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          I realize this post is a little old, however I thought I would answer it anyway, for other's future reference.

          Asier, I hope you're already discovered this through other means. If not, better late than never!

          The product docs describe a simple Android demo, exactly what you were looking for. It makes use of a sample app found here:


          where <MDK_ROOT> is your MDK install directory.

          Here is the link to the android demo doc: