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    Contact for accounts and account Sites-Diffrence

      I want your help in understanding the difference between
      a. when a contact is associated at the account level to
      b. when a contact is associated at an account site level in TCA.

      What is the difference between the two? Will the site level contact have only site specific access. If so what what are the restrictions? I am just basically trying to understand the implication of the two cases. Any help would be really appreciated.

      Also can we have a contact associated at a Party site level(or is it always account site)?

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          An Account Site Contact is a contact for an Account doing operations only at a particular site.
          and can do transactions using that site only (not always). I think even the Sales Order Form, Defaults the Site when you select a Account Site Contact.

          Whereas Account Contact can do operations for the Account at various account sites.

          Technically hz_cust_account_roles stores the Account Contact details , and if cust_acct_site_id is populated it signifies its a account site contact.

          An Org Contact (Party layer) can also be created at a Party Site level.