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      I was importing data using DATAPUMP for a table say TABLE_A, this table had rows but zero rows imported was what I was getting, upon checking I found that If I issue this command "GRANT EXEMPT ACCESS POLICY TO USER;" it will work, and it did "Great" but now I want to find out what procedures, packages or functions dictate these polices. I tried checking dba_source with text like upper('%dbms_rls.add_policy%') with no rows found. I know that there are some objects that are defining the rules as "GRANT EXEMPT ACCESS POLICY TO USER;" did work.
      How can I find what procedures/Functions or Packages are in place.
      I have no documentation or any help what so ever, but I do have full access to the DEV.
      The version is Oracle on a windows OS.

      Thanks to all...

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          EXEMPT ACCESS POLICY is a system privilege
          SELECT * FROM dba_sys_privs;
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            Try to check DBA_POLICIES. There you can find columns PF_OWNER (PF stands for policy funtion), PACKAGE and FUNCTION. These define the logic behind the security. The source code of these packages/functions could give you some indication.
            Searching in DBA_SOURCE returned no results, probably because the policies were created using some DDL Skripts and not using PL/SQL.