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    open .saf

      I need to know how to decompress the files. saf of siebel. I read in support that there is a command siebel sseunzip but can not find it.

      Thank you.
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          I don't have, but on it's on the application server in /sba81/siebsrvr/BIN/
          and it's called sseunzip80.exe.
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            HI Jiyong, the Siebel Server folder that I have no command. Maybe in has changed? I have nothing to be * unzip *
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              In that case I would open a SR on Supportweb.
              Do let us know what they answer.

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                Hi, i open the "SR 3-5676288591: open saf files" but not get any answer yet ...
                I'll let you know if I have any answers.


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                  For a bug in Siebel, you can not use these commands in Linux OS. Therefore we must seek some alternative ways to decompress files FileSystem.
                  The. Exe "sseunzip80.exe" and "ssezip80.exe" are not generated in instalations of Linux, or Solaris (I think either AIX).
                  One option we are evaluating, and currently works well, is to use these two. Exe (which I support sending attachments) and put them in the "BIN" of an webclient installation on a machine with Windows 7 and it worked so directly using Windows CMD.
                  I hope they serve!



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