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    Collection of multiple object types

      I have a HahMap of Key Value pairs. The key is string but the value can be a mix of any custom object types for example, Person, Exam or XYZ.

      so I create a hashmap like this:
      Map<String, Object> myMap= new HashMap<String, Object>();
      Person p = new Person();
      Exam e = new Exam();
      XYZ xy = new XYZ();
      myMap.put("p", p);
      myMap.put("e", e);
      myMap.put("xy", xy);
      Now When Loop through the map and get each items like this, I get the warning: unchecked cast
      required: Person
      found: java.lang.Object
      Person p2 = (Person) myMap.get("p");
      How to declare the hashmap to avoid the warnings. ?
      1) I know I can suppress the warnings, but I don't want to do that.
      2)We can avoid the warning, if we add objects of the same type and declare the HashMap like this:
      Map<String, Person> myMap= new HashMap<String, Person>();
      But my hashmap may contain objects of multiple types.

      Please help with sample code.