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    DBSQL Upgrade from 5.2.36 to 5.3.15


      I am currently trying to upgrade my existing DBSQL databases from Berkeley DB version 5.2.36 to version 5.3.15.

      I ran the db_upgrade utility on the existing database file created by BDB version 5.2.36. The upgrde goes through successfully. But the query "select rowid from table1" gives a huge negative integer as row numbers for the records in the table.

      Looking at the sqlite3.c file I noticed that encodeI64() funtion has been removed in the version 5.3.15. Is this causing the issue?

      Please provide a feasiable solution for upgrading the datbases from version 5.2.36 to 5.3.15.

      Note: The ".dump" dbsql command is not applicable in our case as we wish to maintain the rowid of all the records from the database from version 5.2.36.