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    Load Testing Flash Applications

      Hi All,

      I am experimenting with the AMF load testing module.

      Problem: When I am recording a script everything seems fine and the browser seems to behave properly. BUT when I play back the site reports that adobe flash is not installed, and so the script fails......:(

      Has anyone any experience with this


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          Maybe someone can correct me if i'm wrong but the OpenScript module is for Flex application. Not sure that we support all the flash object types.

          Something to check probably.

          Not more experience!
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            Are you sure it is failing, when it could just be javascript content that is always hidden on the page until people visit from a real browser without flash installed? Compare the HTTP navigations from recording vs playback to determine the real error.

            Is OpenScript load testing playback is actually getting redirected to a different server page? If that is the case it could be a client side cookie that is normally set with javascript, so you will need to addCookie in your script. Compare the HTTP requests from recording vs playback to see which cookies may be missing.