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    Problem while building UI using Metadata in 12c

      Hi ,
      We are trying to build UI using Metadata approach. I got following error, does anybody know about this error?
      I suspect that it is coming from following section of UI.xml file.
      Note: I do have “puePref” Metrics declared in Target Type xml file which has “forWeekPUE” column

      <mp:Region title="PUE Weekly" width="30%" height="100%">
      <mp:LineChart id="pueChart" targetName="{appModel.target.name}" targetType="{appModel.target.type}" width="100%" height="100%"                    metricName="puePref" metricColumns="['forWeekPUE']" timePeriod="REALTIME" interval="3"/>

      Error during operation: Unexpected Error
      An unexpected error has occurred while processing the page or dialog "MetaDataPageActivityDef[homePg]". The user interface item "mpDefault0...LineChart96" has reported the error: faultCode:DataServiceErr faultString:'An error occurred calling the metric data service.' faultDetail:'MetricDataService:getHistoricalData:SQLException:java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name'

      Appreciate your feedback on the same.