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    Essbase Substitution Variables and Import Formats

      Does anyone please know of a way to make use of Essbase Substitution Variable values in FDM Import Format scripts? We would like to load data through FDM to Essbase based on the current version substitution variable (i.e. &CurVersion), so that the data is submitted against the correct member.

      We have tried writing "&CurVersion" into the respective column of the .DAT file, however Essbase is unable to import data to "&CurVersion", throwing an error saying that this is not a valid member (even with the quotation symbols removed)

      Does the FDM Essbase adapter allow for substitution variables to be used? If so, how can we go about this? The only other alternatives we can think of are to:
      a) Process the .DAT file before it is imported to Essbase, to replace all occurrences of "&CurVersion" with the actual subsitution variable value retrieved using MaxL inside a batch script)
      b) Load the data to a different member, and then copy inside Essbase using a calc script.

      A better solution would be more preferable!