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    Agent push problem, ssh connectivity fails

      i'm trying to use agent push of EM Grid 11g.
      My platform is a win 2003 32bit.
      The agent version is win 64bit (target host is win 2008).

      EM Grid show me the message:
      SSH Setup failed on nodes: localhost. SSH setup failed because of any of the following reasons: 
      sshd has gone down while doing SSH setup. 
      The platform of the provided hosts may be incorrect. Please verify it. 
      Fix above problems and Continue OR do manual ssh setup running command: "<OMS_HOME>/sysman/prov/resources/scripts/sshUserSetupNT.sh -hosts "myhost2" -user user-test -localPlatformGrp win -asUser SYSTEM [-asUserGrp root] -sshLocalDir \.ssh -homeDir $HOME". Check the log file at <OMS_HOME>\sysman\prov\agentpush\2012-05-03_16-03-35-PM\logs\sshSetup2012-05-03_05-50-30-PM.log for more information.
      Trying to excute the sshUserSetupNT:
      ./sshUserSetupNT.sh: line 17: $'\r': command not found
      ./sshUserSetupNT.sh: line 20: $'\r': command not found
      ./sshUserSetupNT.sh: line 27: $'\r': command not found
      ./sshUserSetupNT.sh: line 231: syntax error near unexpected token `elif'
      '/sshUserSetupNT.sh: line 231: `   elif ! test -f "$CLUSTER_CONFIGURATION_FILE"
      i've installed cygwin and configured as MOS 389632.1

      sshd is started on both machines (EM Grid e Target Machine).

      ssh myhost2 date works fine.

      What is the problem?