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    Oracle iPlanet 7.0.12 dual stack IPV4 and IPV6

      Hello all,

      I currently have my iPlanet 7 web server listening on an ipv4 address and port 443. I have one virtual server configured currently with one listener listening on an ipv4 address.

      Now the requirement has come that we must "also" listen on ipv6 address in addition to the existing ipv4. The port, 443 will remain the same and iplanet will listen on both the ipv4 and ipv6 addresses. I have seen this done in Apache by adding a listener, but could not find any information in iPlanet documentation.

      Has anyone attempted this setup and if yes, can you share what you did to accomplish this?
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          Figured this out:

          - go to the listeners tab in the main admin console screen.
          - create a new listener listening on the IPV6 address, but keep the same port
          - go to "Edit Virtual Servers" and add the newly created listener to the existing virtual server. This way you will have two listeners (IPv6 and IPv4) assigned to this listener.
          - restart iPlanet and make sure you see that server comes up listening on both listeners.