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    Different msgid shown in /var/adm/message as opposed to command line.

      I've been trying to investigate an issue of how the /var/adm/messages alarms which has a message ID is different from a command line msgid output but have not been successful.

      The test I have done is as follow:

      logger -p local0.error -t TEST "Test Alarm for message ID"

      The output I get in /var/adm/messages is :

      May 3 14:00:28 hostname TEST: [ID 702911 local0.error] Test Alarm for message ID

      However, when I compare the ID generated with /usr/sbin/msgid, the ID seems to be different.

      bash-3.00# echo "Test Alarm for message ID" | msgid
      *231001* Test Alarm for message ID

      As you can see, the ID generated is different. Because of this, it's causing some issues on the alarm monitoring system and everything seems to fall under ID 702911. Anyone know how I can solve this problem?

      Thanks in advance.