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    Grid installation - Disk status change


      We are trying to install oracle grid infrastructure 11g for a RAC setup. On step 9 of advanced installation we see few disks with status as Member and other's are Candidate what needs to be done to have all disk as status Candidate. We cannot select Member disks.

      Earlier all were in Candidate status, we selected few and then on step 10 we cancelled Installation, now all those selected disks of cancelled installation are shown in Member status. How can we revert it back to Candidate?

      Please suggest..

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          If this is a NEW install with NO data and NO configuration (note ALL 3 must be true before proceeding) the answer is simple.

          When you began your installation and selected "some" of the drives for your initial diskgroup setup, it marked those devices as "members". When you aborted, and tried to restart the creation of that same diskgroup, ASM will see those first few devices as already a part of a diskgroup. You simply need to clear the header.

          To clear these devices:

          on linux
          dd if=/dev/zero of=<device-path> bs=8192 count=1

          you will need to do this for all devices showing as "members" <device-path>

          [WARNING:  Do not execute this command on devices that are in members of VALID Diskgroups with data and/or configuration information ]

          Hopefully you didn't wait for someone to respond to this message before you research or found some other way to determine the answer to your question.