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    blank page Bi Publisher at the end of report


      I try to display one block at the end of the report if one condition is true. So, the block must be on one odd page.

      To do this, I use this algorithm:

      condition ( if ... = ... )
      *<?section:force-page-count;'end-on-odd-layout'?> ( to put the last page at odd page )*
      Page break
      end condition
      condition ( the same as the first )
      *<?start@last-page:body?> ( to display the block at the last page )*
      *<?end body?>*
      *<?end if?>*

      This algorithm correctly works ( the block is always on the last page and the last page is always odd ) but when the condition is false, one blank page is generated at the end of the report. I don't want to display this page, is this possible ?


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