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    creating an SRID transformation from 8265 to 3785


      I am working on a project using the Mapviewer javascript API to project data that is in SRID 8265 onto a google map. I have followed the instructions in the spatial developers guide and Mapviewer documentation on creating spatial transformations for google maps. These instructions worked for the SRIDs that were, but I am still not sure what parameters to use to create and 8265 to 3786 transformation.

      Will this statement work?

      call sdo_cs.create_pref_concatenated_op(82653785, 'CONCATENATED OPERATION 8265 3785', TFM_PLAN(SDO_TFM_CHAIN(8265, 1000000000, 4055, 19847, 3785)), NULL);

      Or should the parameters in the call to SDO_TFM_CHAIN be different?