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    user password


      DB : 11
      OS : Aix 7

      We have situation to login into user schema.We don't know the password for that user.How to login into it?
      We unable to communicate to that user now.Application also running so we couldn't change the password?

      We want to rename a table and then create a new table then import it from dump.

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          Login as a user with ALTER ANY USER privileges, like sys.

          Grant proxy login, say to yourself.

          SQL> ALTER USER that_user GRANT CONNECT THROUGH user_me;

          Now you can use proxy login and you do not need that user's passwrd

          SQL> connect user_me[that_user]@mydatabase

          When prompted enter your password.

          You will be logged in as that_user.
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            You could also login as yourself with sufficient privileges.

            SQL> CREATE TABLE that_user.new_table AS SELECT * FROM that_user.old_table;
            SQL> ALTER TABLE that_user.old_table RENAME TO new_table;

            You can do pretty much anything you want in another schema if you have sufficient privileges yourself. DBA role comes to mind, but be careful as it is all powerful.