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    Oracle Business Event Integration With SOA

      We are integrating Oracle EBS R12 with SOA and we are planning to put the Business event data in Oracle WF_BPEL_Q from where SOA will pick it up.

      After subscribing to Business event in ERP, I think we need to call WF.Raise_Event so that data will be moved to BPEL queue.

      Can any one help me on how to write the code from which i can calll WF.Raise_Event.

      Please help.

      Mihir Panda
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          Once you Subscribed the Business Event.The Business Event will give you paramater.
          if customer Buinsess Event it will give you customer id ,name and other fields.Based on the Paramater you can generate the xml payload.
          Once you generated the XML payload.you can call wf_event.raise API and input as your xml payload.
          Before calling that you need to create a Custom Business event.The businees event name as a input parameter for the wf_event.raise.