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    Webcenter Application Roles not getting imported in UCM on Migration

    Sachin Saxena
      Hi All,

      I migrated the webcenter resources (Service Data, Customizations and security policies) and UCM content (Using configuration utility, Archiver and Folder Archive components). After migration I am able to see the application roles in the destination webcenter spaces instance by navigating to Webcenter Spaces -> Security -> Application Roles, but I am not able to see the corresponding accounts created in the UCM for that particular user.

      For Ex: I have a application role: s1a472022_f8bb_48e1_a519_15841780df72#-#Moderator in Webcenter Spaces for user ABC
      In UCM I am not able to see the account AUTHEN/s1a472022f8bb48e1a51915841780df72 for the user ABC.

      I verified in the source UCM instance and I am able to see the accounts in that instance.

      Please help me out. Let me know if extra details required.