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    CEP engine for bank's data consolidation

      Hi guys

      I have a question . Is there anybody who used CEP for processing events in core banking system ?
      I have a situation , we have a multiple product processors and want to consolidate all deals , contracts generated by them . The problem is that our product processors do not generate all required events and data correctly . Can we use CEP to massage events that come from product processors + add some logical processin + data (payload) and finally post them to consolidated GL from CEP ?

      Many thanks

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          Hi Jessica,

          You can certainly use CEP to do data cleansing like this. We have an investment bank doing something very similar.


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            Hi Andy ,

            Many thanks for your answer . Can you please help me with a use cases and refrences for this type of task ? I want to be able to handel all events coming from core systems to generate my own events for consolidated GL .

            Thanks again you are very helpfull .

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              Can you tell me how can we get the events from your bank application which you already have? we can use a http-sub adapter to get all the events from your application(in general) to the cep processor or we can use a csv-adapter to read events if given in csv files and use a http-pub adapter to send events back to your bank application, you have to subscribe the pub-sub channel to listen the events which are output from the cep processor. I could help you with a sample app if i could know the available java nodes, etc on your application.