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    Percent Complete in a Project Gantt Chart

      I have a Project Gantt Chart where I need to indicates what percentage of a task is complete.To achieve this i have a transient attribute on VO where i calculate the % completion of task, this is on type integer.On the bindings for gantt i have done a mapping for the same.However the gantt rendered never displays as an inner bar or a bar with different color.
      There is just a single bar i see for start and end dates of task.
      Is there something else which also needs to be mapped, to reflect % complete?

      <Item Value="Serialno" type="taskId"/>
      <Item Value="ContactStartDate" type="startTime"/>
      <Item Value="ContactEndDate" type="endTime"/>
      <Item Value="EquipmentDesc" type="taskType" />
      <Item Value="PercentComplete" type="percentComplete"/>