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    OpenAM Windows Desktop SSO Authentication


      I tried to configure OpenAM for Windows Desktop SSO Authentication, following the procedure described at:


      After changing the "Default Authentication" to "Desktop SSO" as required in the Procedure, I am not more able to authenticate on OpenAM even as amadmin user (OpenAM is not more redirecting on login page).

      My configuration is: OpenAM Server 9.5.4 on Tomcat Server; Agent 3.0.4 on a JBOSS Application; Windows Active Directory 2008R2 Domain Controller (I tried to access to the application from this system).

      Can you please tell me where could be the issue? How can I debug the issue (I don't know which log files must be checked in order to identify the point of failure). Please tell me if you need more information on my configuration.

      Thank you for your support!

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