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    Sqldeveloper connection question

      When attempting to setup a connection between Sqldeveloper and some databaes in the tnsnames.ora file a "Status:Failure-Test failed: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection" error is displayed. This only happens on some of the connections using the TNS connection method. Some connections work without any issue.

      In addition, when the pull down is used to find a tns connection for some reason the entries are displayed four times for each connection. On those connections
      which work using the TNS connection each of the four entries will work. On those connections in which the error is returned none of the four entries will work. However, if we attempt to use the connection string at sqlplus on the command line or using the tnsping command the connection seems to function without any problems.

      We have used the direct method to make the connection to the SCAN addresses but we were wondering why the tns conneciton will not work for all the entries in the tnsnames file.

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          I forgot to say that I have checked and sql developer is point at the correct tnsnames file.
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            Can you please specify details about the failing connections?
            Is there any more complex setup like cluster, SCAN-listener connection manager?
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              I was able to figure out what the problem was. In the directory were the tnsames.ora file is located there were some older files call for example tnsnames.sav or tnsname.old once I removed all files except the file called tnsnames.ora the connections worked without a issue. There is a note called How SQL Developer Determines Which Tnsnames.ora File to Use with Multi-Oracle Home Presence? (Doc ID 566428.1). but after reading that since I running Version 3.1 of Sql Developer and I used the option to specify the location of the tnsnames.ora file should have overriden any other option. However, until I removed from the directory all files starting with tnsnames and just left the single file tnsnames.ora I was getting the error. The give away was that I had four entries for each entry in the tnsnames.ora file but guess what I had four file in the directory starting with tnsnames.