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    Removing feature from project properties

      How to remove an unwanted feature from the list of features in project properties ?
      Someone has accidentally created an application module in our ViewController project. Now "ADF Business Componentes" is in the list of features under project properties.
      Because of some strange behaviour I would like to remove it from the list. There is only a button "Reconcile" which has no effect although I removed all ADFbc artefacts from the project.
      Also removing the ADFbc libraries from "Libraries and Classpath" does not have the desired effect. ADFbc is also not initialized for the project.
      Thanks !

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          Timo Hahn
          Well, there is no simple 'uncheck something' solution :(
          Once a business model is added, there are some files added to the project which in total are treated as business model project. First of all a '.jpx' file is added to the project which holds the connection to the data model. This file can be delete by selecting it and hit 'del' on the keyboard. Next all model project libraries have to be removes (e.g. BC4JRuntime, ADFModelRuntime ...). When all model libraries are deleted, the feature 'ADF Business Components' can be removed.
          This should then un-check the mark for 'Initialize ADF Business...' (after a re-scan of the project).
          The procedure may differ with each jdev version. One simple method to find out what to remove in your jdev version is: create a new fusion application (or whatever your application type is). Save all work and make a copy of the whole work space. Init the business components in the view controller project, again save your work. Now all you need to do is to compare the two work spaces.

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            Hi Timo,
            this was exactly what I have done first. My requirement is to remove ADFbc technology from a ViewController project because there are some strange structures/directories inside the project. So I created a fresh ViewController project but found that there are some ADFbc libraries in this project.
            Thanks !