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      Hi all,

      I am trying to install Solaris 11, this is my first time in years since I installed Solaris. I downloaded both the live cd and the text cd, I can't seem to create my custom partitions (/usr, /home, /u01, /u02). I even searched for step by step procedures with no luck. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

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          Dave Miner-Oracle
          Because Solaris 11 uses ZFS as its primary file system (it's the only option for root) there is little need for partitioning in the way you used to do it, thus it is not an option in the streamlined interactive installers. We do not support separating /usr from / in separate datasets, and the other datasets can be easily created after installation using the zfs command. We'd recommend learning about ZFS and probably re-thinking your storage layout rather than just blindly continuing the same patterns that you used with older file systems.
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            I recommend the following resource if you would like to learn more about ZFS and how specific
            disk partitioning is no longer necessary and in my experience, more difficult to manage:


            Let us know if you have any more questions.