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    1z0-144 or 1z0-147

      hi my name is Tarun Bharti
      currently i am doing oracle pl/sql developer certified associate.i had clear the 1z0-007 exam now for the next step i have to clear one of the exam 1z0-144 or 1z0-147.
      which one i should choose
      help me guys
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          Rene Argento
          Hi Tarun, welcome to the forum!

          I advise you to go with the 1z0-144 exam, it covers more actual topics and has been validated against Oracle Database 11g Release 2.
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            thanks you sir
            one more question after i clear this exam. then after how much time i will get my certificate

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              Matthew Morris
              I've gotten all of my certificates within just a 2-3 weeks, but I'm in the US and they can send via US Postal service. If you are overseas, it will take longer simply because of the method required to ship the certificate. Some people complain they don't get theirs for upwards of eight weeks. However, from all that I've see on this board, that normally boils down to Oracle having the wrong shipping address for them. Verify that your testing center has the correct address from the beginning and you you should avoid this.

              If you end up taking multiple exams, make sure that all of them use the same candidate ID. This is important -- don't create multiple candidate IDs or you will regret it sooner or later. Possibly sooner and later.
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                Rene Argento
                Once all the certification requirements have been completed, you should receive your certification success kit within 6-8 weeks but that depends where you live.

                Edit: Hmm Matthew was faster on the awnser

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                  any best book to prepare this exam.currently i am referring oracle 11g complete reference
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                    Rene Argento
                    I believe the best book to use for preparing for the 1z0-144 exam is the Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feuerstein.

                    The Oracle documentations are also a very good source to prepare for the exam.

                    Take a look at this thread for more information: 1Z0-144: 11g Program with PL/SQL
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                      i am not totally new to plsql as it was my one of the subject in college.i know some concepts of pl sql but didnt know which compiler is use to run pl sql code.
                      plz tell me which one is used to do this.i think oracle sql developer 3.1 is used for it.am i correct or not?
                      sorry for this silly question
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                        Matthew Morris
                        PL/SQL doesn't require a compiler as such. It's stored in the data dictionary as text and compiled by the database PL/SQL engine. It is possible to use native compilation which actually compiles PL/SQL programs directly as 'C', but that's not what you're asking and I'm not getting into it in a forum post.

                        SQL*Developer is a valid editor for PL/SQL. You can also edit PL/SQL with SQL*Plus, Application Express, TOAD, PL/SQL Deverloper and other tools. When you create a procedure, package, function, etc, Oracle will save the source text in the data dictionary and simultaneously compile it (as that's the only way to determine if there are compiler errors). However, it is the PL/SQL engine in the database doing the compiling, not the editor.
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                          Just to say also as far as I am aware some tools will contain PL/SQL (or cut down PL/SQL) interpreters ( compilers tybrids whatever) etc. Notably some versions of Forms, and Pl/SQL snippets can be used in APEX as far as I am aware, though I please note the as far as I far am aware in this part of the answer. If you need to get geeky on this ask in the PL/SQL forum or ask Tom or something where specialist may answer.

                          The 1z0-147 exam, which I advise not to study for, or at least it predecessor (1z0-101), had knowledge of the PL/SQL as used in forms.

                          However for practical purposes use SQL*Developer (etc) as an IDE tool for learning about PL/SQL in the database.