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    OWB Process Flow - How is the best  version control tool ??

      HI all,

      I just start work with OWB and I have a question to know how is the best way to do something.

      Imagine the scenario below:

      If I have 2 or more requests for example:
      Request 1: Create a Dimension City.
      Request 2: Create a Dimension Products.

      I Have ONE process flow and i need put my changes inside. This is my problem.
      In my scenario I don't know what Request goes to Prod First.
      If I put the Request 1 and Request 2 in my PROCESS FLOW, maybe I need change is someone decide change MY REQUEST PRIORITY.

      There is something in OWB to "control the version or changes" ?? For a mapping I export the MDL and commit on SVN, but I dont know haw can i do with the process flow.
      Something to agree multiples peoples work in different mappings and a SAME PROCESS FLOW ??

      What is best way to work with process flow and version control.
      What are the best practices when it comes to version control?