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    Does WLS 10.3.6 not support beehive controls

      I import projects with beehive controls to WLS 10.3.6, It shows that beehive control facet is not found.
      Does 10.3.6 not support beehive controls? How to solve it?
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          It does support.
          Not sure from which version of WLS you are trying to migrate to WLS10.3.6
          But, the composition of the JARs have been changed in WLS10.3.5 that could cause some "ClassNotFoundException" OR "NoClassDefFoundError" w.r.t beehive jars.

          If those are the errors you were also experiencing, then please follow one of these options to resolve this issue:
          OPTION 1:
          Identify all the JARs that contain the beehive classes and explicitly add the jar files to the classpath
          OPTION 2:
          When you created the domain (if you used the Config Wizard), do you make it a "Workshop" domain? If not, try that.
          That should deploy the Workshop framework (Beehive controls, NETUI, etc) libraries as shared libraries. Then these libraries should be referenced in your applications weblogic.xml and weblogic-application.xml.