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    fresh EnterPrise One 9.0 (@MSSQL) installation and security server error

      I've managed to complete Standalone installation without any issues (Win XP SP2 EN) but I have encountered a problem with first login. After entering the password I'm receiving following message: "waiting for security server" and then: "unable to locate security server". Final one says: "failed to communicate with security server: unable to locate security server" and that's it. I can't log in. I've noticed few things:

      jdenet_n.exe is not being started with the system startup - I'm running it manually
      I can see it's working on correct port (6012 as entered in JDBJ.ini)

      Data Sources seems to be configured fine. I've just switched all words '(local)' and 'localhost' to my PC name in Data Source server name, JDE.ini and JDBJ.ini (at all locations). Someone did advice this step if there are security server issues like mine - it didn't help.

      I was following these steps in order to complete the installation, maybe it will help: http://e1tips.com/2011/11/03/jd-edwards-enterpriseone-9-0-standalone-installation/

      I've run out of ideas and google is not able to help any more. Have you encountered it before? I will be grateful for any advice!
      My best regards

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