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    Exception Handling in ADF 11g 2. Problems migrating from jspx to jsf

      we have a ADF 11g application where we had used both taskflow level exception handler (mark a method as the exception handler in the tasklfow) as well as application level handler (create a class extending 'oracle.adf.view.rich.context.ExceptionHandler', override 'handleException' method, register the handler by adding to '\.adf\META-INF\services' )
      Now this application was running on jspx and it worked fine. We are currently exploring the option of migrating our jspx to jsf. After the necessary changes the exceptionHandlers are not working anymore. The exceptions are getting completely suppressed. I reverted back to jspx and the exceptionHandling worked fine.
      Can someone please provide some pointers here - how exceptionhandling is done in the new JSF2.0 ADF?