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    Form 6i Migration

      Deal Experts,

      I have to migrate forms/reports 6i from Windows to Linux operating Systems. If anybody has performed this activity, then please provide the action plan for it or if you can refer me any site where I can get documentation for this task. Also, which Linux flavor is best suited for running forms and reports version 6i on client machines


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          If you didn't do any special Windows things (like HOST or OLE2 commands), all you have to do is recompile the forms and libraries.

          Are you moving from Windows client/server to Linux web forms?
          If so, you also have to check other pieces of code, like using run_report_object instead of run_product.
          If you used HOST to run programs on the client PC, you may have another problem: webutil is not available for Forms 6i, so you don't have a client_host version.
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            Thanks for your reply.

            We are moving to same client-server environment with developer 6i. But I never worked or configured developer on Linux. So, I may have problems deploying it in there.

            Thanks for your guidance
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              I have still been struggling for the installation of Developer 6i on Linux. I would be grateful if anybody can list me the steps to install and configure developer 6i on Redhat