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    AutoVue - SSL setup for VueServlet


      We have a project where we need to setup the use of SSL with the VueServlet.
      The machine hosting the client files needed for the applet is IIS but it is setup to allow only SSL (port 443)
      At the minute we was expecting to use the AGP jakarta ISAPI redirector to redirect URLs that have /VueServlet or /servlet onto the server with AutoVue installed on it.
      IIS 7 is being used and I am having issues getting the redirector to work. I have got this to work without using SSL as well.
      Do I need to configure the redirector to redirect SSL requests too?
      Is there another way to pass on the requests using IIS 7?
      Note: The client files are on a separate machine to the server with AutoVue on it, the IIS server is visible on the internet hence the need for the redirecting.
      I have not setup and configured the use of SSL for AutoVue yet either so any help would be great.

      Any questions then please let me know.

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          Ricardo Av-Oracle
          redirect needs an extra step for https to work properly
          see http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-3.3-doc/tomcat-iis-howto.html uri_select
          should google on the tomcat forums, that is probably already addressed and properly documented
          for the client to talk to the servlet they are a couple of constraints if they are protected files (sso, or access requires authentication)
          1. same domain (make sure java code base and servlet and on the same domain otherwise, cookies will not be forwarded/accessible)
          preferrably always use FQDN to avoid tricky issues with domains
          2. if on different machines, make sure the cookie is for the domain containing both machines (not a single subdomain)

          If this still does not work, turn on the logs on the re-director to diagnose the issue