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    Nobie starting wls question.


      I am in the process of attempting to setup two weblogic servers(I hope to cluster). I have been digging around in the documentation for a couple of days and have still failed to answer some fundamental questions that I have.

      - I am using OEL6
      - I am not using any type of GUI (X) to configure these machines.

      Here are the things that I have a accomplished:

      I have used wls to create a domain. I have been able to get weblogic to start via the startWebLogic.sh script on the default admin port (t3://hostname:7001). After milling around in the documentation, I am under the impression that I should be able to configure the admin protocol to https instead of t3. Is that correct? I have attempted to use wls's startServer() to try to change the admin protocol and port but the values do not seem to carry through.

      Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          you can enable the Administration port(9002 by Default) and access the application/console on HTTPS using WLST:
          java weblogic.WLST
          wls:/domain_Name/edit !> cmo.setAdministrationPortEnabled(true)
          For more information about the Admin port:

          Alternatively, to access the application/console using HTTPS then you can also enable the SSL:


          Hope this will help.

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            That was helpful. After running through an Oracle Press book on weblogic, I found something that I had not noticed or was undocumented in the oracle docs. To connect to the admin console you need to add a context to your http call of /console. To connect to the admin console via a browser I had to connect to http://localhost:7001/console.

            One other question....

            After enabling the admin port, that will be the port to connect to the admin console correct?

            Thanks in advance.
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              I am asking an additional question.
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                Yes you are right.
                If you enable administration port, then the console URL will be
                For example,