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    Reg: migrating sybase to oracle database

    user241783 - oracle
      Hi All,

      SQLDEV version:

      We are migrating the database from sybase 12.5 to oracle 11gr2. And we are facing the below problem :

      'RS_MARKER procedure is a system procedure in sybase , its use to execute the collection of database transaction log',

      Also I have mentioned the code below:

      SELECT 1 INTO v_temp
      FROM sysobjects
      WHERE NAME = 'rs_marker'
      AND TYPE = 'P'
      AND UTL_RAW.BIT_AND(sysstat,v_rep_constant) != 0 );

      Above mentioned code is after migrating to oracle 11gr2. So help please me to resolve this issue, also tell me is there any similar procedure in oracle database 11gr2 to collect the transaction log of the database. (like rs_marker in sybase).

      So please tell how to migrate those system procedure to oracle database 11gr2 also Don't hesitate please answer my question.

      (Please Note after migrating to oracle above code its not compiled its given the error table or view does not exists I mean sysobjects view its does not exist .)


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